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Almond eSIM
Complete purchase with mobile phone
Click here to purchase There is no need to download an application, just open the website with your mobile phone and complete your purchase.
After a successful purchase, please check your email to get the important information.
Within five minutes of order confirmation, we will send the eSIM QR code and instructions to your registered email address. Please keep it safe. If you do not receive it, please contact customer service promptly.
eSIM Package Settings
On the day of your departure,scan the QR code of esim or manual input the code we sent before leaving.And please turn on the roaming when you arrived. (Please be sure to set up the QR code on the day of use. Add the QR code to the phone in advance may disrupt your usage.)
365 Days of After-Sales Service
After you’ve finished using the eSIM, simply delete the eSIM plan set on your smartphone. If you have any questions during usage, feel free to contact our Line account @014hhnww. We provide 24/7 online support.
Why Almond SIM?
No. 1 in industry experience
Long-established overseas telecommunication service provider, with over 10 years of industry experience, providing a safe and convenient service!
No.1 in number of users
No.1 in total sales volume of prepaid SIM cards on Japanese e-commerce sites, with more than 20 million users worldwide!
No.1 Lowest Price
Lowest price in the industry, with over 98% of customers giving us high marks!
No. 1 Customer Service
We provide 24/7 after-sales service with multi-language support in English, Japanese and Chinese!
No.1 Quality Assurance
Guaranteed refund if you cannot use eSIM!
No.1 in number of packages

We cover more than 150 countries and can provide various types of eSIM including data-only and with phone functionality!

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Comparison of International
Communication Products
Affordable price
ready to use immediately
no waiting required
Simple setup
extremely low failure rate
no need to return after use
Prepaid SIM
No need to return after use
Only available for unlocked mobile phones
Portable Wi-Fi
Can connect multiple devices simultaneously.
Heavier, requires charging, and needs to be carried at all times; relatively high price.
Only need to activate the corresponding plan, and you can use it as soon as you reach your destination.
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Customer Reviews
Great product with wide coverage.
A fantastic product with easy selection, competitive prices, and outstanding coverage. We used the Asia eSIM package for trips to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.The experience was excellent.
Very fast speed.
Almond Almond eSIM speed is extremely fast. Emails for work and LINE messages had no delay at all. It’s also very convenient for using map, ordering taxis, and other apps. When returning to Japan, I just need to delete the package, no need to rush to the airport to return the Wi-Fi device. Business trips have become much more convenient.
Convenient, affordable, and fast internet speed.
Convenient, affordable, and fast Internet speed compared to renting Wi-Fi devices overseas or tuen on international roaming. Almond eSIM is truly convenient and affordable. Setting it up on my iPhone was very simple, and uploading pictures on Instagram and Twitter is very fast. i can easily share my travel stories with friends and family anytime.
Easy setup, Almond eSIM is very useful.
I can use the internet and stay in touch with my family while traveling abroad. The coverage is very wide, and the setup was simpler than I expected. I only needed to scan a code to use it. lf l have any questions, I can contact customer support for excellent assistance.
Excellent customer service, eSIM is very cost-effective.
The customer service is excellent. It's my first time using eSIM, so I had many questions.However, I could contact customer support anytime, and they were very helpful. They resolved many of my concerns.